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Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup (tattoo) that is designed to give the appearance of fuller and natural looking eyebrows. It Replicates hair strokes using a handheld microblade tool. The microblade has several very fine needles that create a blade. The blade passes (with lightweight precision) across the outer layer of skin (Epidermis) creating an opening in the skin (where the Dermis and Epidermis meets) and embeds the pigment into the new hair stroke. This is built up to create fine and realistic looking eyebrows.

To request more information or to book in for your free consultation, please email -

For Duffield bookings, treatments would take place here -

Edelweiss Skin Care Centre 

15 New Zealand Lane,



DE56 4BZ

For Mickleover bookings, treatments would take place here -

Foxy Lady Beauty Salon
1A The Square


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